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Here's a quick way to find out if coaching would be useful for you:


- 3.5x Revenue Growth -


A few years ago, I was stuck and didn’t have the momentum needed to accomplish my work goals. Working with CJ over several months, I was able to clearly identify the “why’s” behind what I was doing in my career.  

With the motivation engines fired up from that understanding, the “what” and “how” easily followed.

Less than two years after engaging CJ, I've experienced a 3.5x revenue growth, and the success in my career has skyrocketed well beyond what I thought was possible.

Ledy deeply understands human behavior, motivation, and how to help unleash their full potential. He is a Motivation Master!

- Brian

- Business Minded -

He is an intelligent and perceptive individual and passionate about life and connecting with people. 

Frankly, I see absolutely no downside and much upside should you consider giving him an opportunity to succeed with you, or your organization.

My first impressions of CJ were that of an outgoing, engaging, thoughtful, and bright young man who also had a serious business-minded side and a touch of spirituality as well.

I guess it comes as no surprise by the tenor of this letter that I am quite partial to this man. 

- Neil

Client Testimonials

Ledy's Experience:


Coaching for over a decade, Ledy has worked with Fortune 100 companies, artists, musicians, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs. 


With extensive coaching experience and training, he is a Certified Career Coach, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and an Accredited Executive Coach from the Rayner Institute. Ledy has traveled to 25+ countries to study cultural approaches to mental well-being.


Business / Career Coaching:

Ledy had a sales volume of over $100M in real estate transactions. He specializes in coaching artists, entrepreneurs, and executives and has worked with Fortune 100 companies. CJ has helped many clients grow their income substantially- in multiple cases, helping clients pass the seven-figure marker. 

Personal Coaching:

Ledy's coaching began out of happenstance after the loss of four close friends. Out of nature, he coached fellow friends and the family members of his lost friends in the grieving process. He has a high aptitude in grief coaching. Ledy is also known for his relationship coaching, which has grown very organically, from word of mouth from clients in addressing interrelationship growth. At 18, Ledy experienced a hypnosis that changed his life and taught him how to meditate. He has since meditated with monks in Japan, taught athletes and professionals to meditate, and has developed an 8-level technique that can help anyone learn to meditate in a very quick and effective way.  


Click the booking link to check schedule availability. Coaching sessions last one hour, meet every other week (typically online / phone call), and contain a mix of thought-provoking conversation, strategizing, goal setting, and visualization. The session is tailored to what you want to work on and the best practices for your personal results.

Why work with a coach?


In short: Because your career, relationships, health, and life in general, are worth it.


We can all benefit from an extra layer of insight and accountability, and encouragement. Mindset coaching goes beyond standard encouragement by disabling limiting beliefs and boosting your mental strengths. 


95% of your mental processing occurs within your unconscious mind - aka within your mindset. Our unconscious programming determines how we think, feel and behave at all times. A mindset coach can help you enhance the programming of your unconscious mind in the way of your choosing.


What goals and dreams do you have? Coaching will increase your speed, sense of direction, and fulfillment in the processes.

Is coaching for me?

Everyone can benefit from hiring a coach. The better question, is can you afford not to hire a coach?

Is coaching worth the cost?

Client Examples:

Brian had a 3.5x income growth over a year (300K to over 1.2M). His testimonial is above and has offered to accept calls if you would like to learn more.

Michael found relief from substantial grief and depression. Tough to put a price on peace of mind and quality of life. See his testimonial above.

Wilson grew his income from about 150k to over 1M over the course of about two years. His testimonial is below, and has offered to accept calls if you would like to learn more.

A word from CJ:

I have worked with many coaches in the past. Whenever I hire a new coach, I initially question whether the investment is worth it from a financial standpoint (even as a coach myself). But I can say with certainty, I have always looked back and felt that the results were worth much more than the cost of the coaching:

  • Business Coaching:

Specifically, in working with business coaches, things I picked up from the sessions have always earned many multiples more than the cost of the coaching itself. Those continue to pay even after the coaching is over. 

  • Personal Coaching:

From personal coaching, it is hard to put a value on emotional well-being, relationship successes, and health advancements. What is the value of your quality of life?

If there is a result you're looking to achieve, how much would you pay to have it accomplished? 

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