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Your Life in the Grow Zone


The Grow Zone is made up of the 5 necessary elements for a Mindset of Achievement and Fulfillment.


What’s Love Got to do with it?

Can you lose passion in something you once loved? Can you find it in unsuspecting places? Passion is not simply created by things we’re interested in. Passion pops out of your heart when you have a sense of purpose. It comes from finding and developing meaning behind what you do. When we have deep passion for something, we will move mountains to get there. Purpose development is a fundamental habit in the world of peak performers and successful businesses. In almost every case, a deep understanding of purpose was the most relevant indicator of sustained success. Good news – we can enhance our sense of purpose! And we should. In the development of your Grow Zone, tools will be provided to help you enhance meaning and purpose. This is one of the most useful emotions on the planet. Fulfillment


How will I know?

When you have it… you know. When you speak with passion, you can feel it in your heart and even hear it in your voice. One of the most amazing parts of passion – is that when you radiate it, others can actually feel your passion, and nothing is more contagious.



20/20 Vision

The road to fulfillment isn’t a short or easy path. When we lose sight, fog sets in and it’s hard to see where to go next. High achievers frequently spend time building their dreams, strategizing how to get there, and focusing on the path. This habit will lead to an incredible feeling of clarity. From this state we produce high levels of confidence and optimism about our future. The best of the best out there use their sense of clarity to move quickly through challenging decisions and pave express highways to their dreams. We will cover the habits of dreaming, strategizing, and focus from those who have gleaned incredible success due to their levels of clarity in life.


How will I know?

Clarity feels like a breath of fresh air. Questions about what to do and how to do it evaporate leaving your mind at peace. Your actions come from a place of certainty as you take each step forward. In thinking of the past, a sense of alignment occurs as if everything has lead to you this moment. You are exactly in the right place, now is exactly the right time, and the creation of your future is exactly the way you want it to be. Harmony.





The Train Has Left the Station

A genius visionary with all the answers, can accomplish absolutely nothing if he or she does not give respect to this element. Momentum can be seen like a train leaving the station. It requires tremendous initial energy to begin movement. When the train is up to speed, much smaller energy inputs are required to maintain speed. But if you need to stop the train and restart again, prepare to find another big reserve of energy. High Performers have consistently reported that developing and maintaining momentum is the key to their success. Many times those lessons have been learned the hard way. In this book you will learn the secrets high performers have acquired on how to develop habits of obsessive action and keeping momentum consistent through use of systems!


How will I know?

Developing movement is where the word ‘hustle’ was born. A more accurate word might be struggle. Once you hustle through the struggle and reach a state of momentum, it is one of the most intoxicating and unstoppable feelings. But don’t let your emotions fool you for it is one of the most challenging energies to hold onto.





We Are All Full of B.S.

In this case B.S. can stand for any of the following three:

  • Belief System, Brain Software, or yes – Bull Shit.

The fourth element of the Grow Zone is the experience of ease. Does this mean that what you are doing is easy? No, not at all. Ease is directly referring to your subconscious belief system. If you are experiencing ease, that means your thoughts are consistently pushing you in the direction you want to go. Your actions are in line with your beliefs. Your Brain Software includes any limiting beliefs as well as empowering beliefs. High achievers practice habits in identifying the Bull Shit, and useful techniques for shoveling it out. We will learn how high achievers have developed incredible levels of ease with their techniques on sniffing out the Bull Shit and disposing of it properly.


How will I know?

 Your actions are consistent with what you believe, think and feel. Your confidence never waivers, regardless of the thoughts and opinions of others. You are out of your own way and allow things to happen with no mental battle. You also smell better with less Bull Shit in your head.



Don’t Should on Yourself

As Tony Robbins says, “If you should do it, you will just end up shoulding all over yourself.” How important is this to you? Is it something you should do, or need to do? The things we should get around to, never get done. The things that absolutely need to happen now, always happen. You need to raise the level of necessity. Raise the level of importance. When our subconscious has a deep belief and understanding of necessity, things get done. This book will teach you how to create necessity through understanding how the brain interprets pain vs. pleasure. How to properly build reward systems that increase necessity. Do not sit around and wait for things to become important. Build their importance level.


How will I know?

Waking up with a burning sense of necessity to accomplish your big goals. Procrastination is out the window. It is not even a consideration. Sacrifices made are less of a loss and more of a reward. The light at the end of the tunnel shines bright! You don’t have any should on yourself.

Interested in tools for building your own Grow Zone Mindset?

Down load the templates attached at the top of the page and fill them out to increase each element of the grow zone. 

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