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- 3.5x Revenue Growth -


A few years ago, I was stuck and didn’t have the momentum needed to accomplish my work goals. Working with CJ over several months, I was able to clearly identify the “why’s” behind what I was doing in my career.  

With the motivation engines fired up from that understanding, the “what” and “how” easily followed.

Less than two years after engaging CJ, I've experienced a 3.5x revenue growth, and the success in my career has skyrocketed well beyond what I thought was possible.

Ledy deeply understands human behavior, motivation, and how to help unleash their full potential. He is a Motivation Master!

- Brian

- Professional Mindset -

First of all, to meet CJ, you find a gorgeous, gentle, elegant, properly dressed, very well-spoken, intelligent, kind person.

I sensed immediately he was a very unique and extremely special man. He was so intelligent and insightful, kind and compassionate.

He is such a natural at calming everyone's soul, giving excellent advice, and making everyone feel very hopeful that they can conquer (their fears) whatever they put their minds to.

CJ is a natural at being a professional mindset coach/ life motivator!! It is in his blood.

It's In his soul to do this important work. Always to be a great influence on others. 

He is a born leader, mentor, and motivator.

- Caron

- Grief and Life Decisions -


 CJ's strength of understanding and his compassion to help, along with his ability to ask questions and provide valuable discussion on my thoughts, were clear reasons that made him an impactful role model and coach. I would come to him with my emotions and problems, and he could change my entire mindset in the most positive way. This included issues with depression, suicide, grief, and life decisions. CJ is a great communicator - things make sense when he tells them to me. He could influence me to find the perfect solution and understand why it was so. He truly was a major factor in getting my mind and life right, and I am thankful for the impact he has had on transforming my life.

- Michael

Client Testimonials

- The Good Life -


CJ is the most influential person I have ever met in my life. The amount of value he has directly added to my life is immeasurable, and no amount of money can ever repay the debt that I owe him. When I met CJ, I was shy, I had low self-confidence, and I had small dreams, and now I don’t just feel on top of the world, but I actually am on top of the world.

He taught me if I stayed dedicated, had faith, and followed my passion, then I would have the “good life.” As a direct result of being associated with CJ, I now have the most beautiful, successful girlfriend, I own my own business, which allows me to work from home, and I have incredible health.

- Wilson

- Business Minded -

He is an intelligent and perceptive individual and passionate about life and connecting with people. 

Frankly, I see absolutely no downside and much upside should you consider giving him an opportunity to succeed with you, or your organization.

My first impressions of CJ were that of an outgoing, engaging, thoughtful, and bright young man who also had a serious business-minded side and a touch of spirituality as well.

I guess it comes as no surprise by the tenor of this letter that I am quite partial to this man. 

- Neil

- Personal Ownership -


Four years ago, I began a journey to become an Entrepreneur. I changed majors and began to set my sights on owning a business early in life. With this decision came a lot of eye rolls and sarcastic “good lucks”.

If it weren’t for CJ, I don’t know where I would be today. His ability to get you to not only believe what he is telling you but take personal ownership of it is second to none. He has the ability to engage you so fiercely that the only thing that matters in that moment is what he is saying. One thing is certain, the world needs more people like CJ, for it would be a far better place if there were.

- Paul

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