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In life, it is your decision what you choose to stimulate your mind with. One of the key principles within the 5 Minute Mind is to direct the mind in the way YOU feel is best. Be intentional about what you let your mind intake ----> Books, Movies, YouTube, Schooling, Advice, Media ----> Seek positivity and things that point you in the direction YOU want to go. Whatever you choose, you will become.

Energy Role Models.. In life it is important to be aware of the role models you are following. Consciously and subconsciously, we are always becoming more and more like the people we are paying attention to. Be wise in your selection and make sure the values you are picking up are in alignment with your core. Another coach and friend of mine told me about this woman Gabrielle Bernstein. I instantly loved her energy and decided to make her one of my Energy Role Models. She considers herself a “Spirit Junkie” and it is very easy to tell how well she has aligned herself with her inner being. That inner alignment is something that I have been moving closer to for a long time and is great to see an example like this to amplify my sense of direction.

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