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Programing Your Mind for Happiness

The Happiness Advantage

Shawn Achor

One of the biggest misconceptions that exist today is the belief that we must attain a certain level of success in order to become fully happy. We live in a world filled with intense competition and a message that we must be the best, have the best and do the best in order to be truly satisfied.

This is one of the worst mentalities we can have in life. This is the quickest way to waste a your life.

The Happiness Advantage says that we must first recognize happiness in our lives and then success will begin to flow.

The greatest tip I found in the book was one that I have tried to do everyday for the past 5 or so years:

While lying in bed before you fall asleep, think back on the day and pick out the three best things that happened that day. Then pick out the three things you are most excited for tomorrow.

This exercise will develop your ability to recognize positives as they occur in different avenues of your life. This will build a strong mental infrastructure of positivity and enjoyment, which is essential to finding success with in your life.

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