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How to Harness the Power of Opportunity!

A Proven and Powerful Exercise

In life we have an infinite number of options at any given time. Your life, and its direction, is much more moldable than is even comprehendible. Believe it or not, every thought, every emotion, every action you take has an effect on the direction of your life in a very profound way and has massive effect on where you and others affected by your life will end up.

It may come across as intimidating to think that every single thought you think has a massive effect on the life you will live. But if you truly understand and respect this reality, it is incredible the way that it can transform your life. Whether you feel on top of the world, or if you are in a rut or unhappy with the circumstances of your life then there are decisions you can make today that can forever improve or enhance the quality of your life.


Spend a few minutes thinking through any hypothetical scenario you want. Think of any objective in life that excites you. Make it something that seems nearly impossible.

Such as: Get to the top of Mount Everest in a week, or get the job you have always dreamed of by the end of the month, or meet your soul mate by Friday.. Take a month of paid vacation to travel to your dream destination.. Reach your fitness goals.. Meet your Idol.. What would excite you?

Whatever it is, just choose something that seems nearly impossible.

Now think deeply about what it might take if it were possible to get there..

If everything just happens to go perfectly correct and every light turns green for you..

You call all the right people and say exactly the things you need to say to get them to help you..

You find a way to broadcast to the people that need to hear it..

Exactly the right idea comes into your head right when you need it and you take the action to execute it all..

You do whatever it takes..

Could it be done?

The answer more often than not… is yes.

Our world is crawling with opportunities and people who would love to help you accomplish your dreams.

This exercise becomes incredibly powerful the more you do it. When you start to see things you want in life, your brain will begin to come up with the routes you can take to get there. On the other end, you will also be able to look more clearly down the road of decisions that could potentially be harmful. This small exercise done on a regular basis can lead to major change in your life.

Harness the Power of Opportunity!

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