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What is deep work?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with distractions, it can be very challenging to truly enter a highly focused state with in your most important work. This highly focused (flow) state is responsible for almost all truly organic and productive creations through out history.

Think of your mind like an ocean. Most people know what’s at the top. But very few venture deep enough to see the beauty and creation well beneath the surface.

Find out what lies deep in the creative capacity of your mind.

Mark Twain had a remote cabin where he would write.It was so far from his families house that they only way they could communicate with him was by blowing a horn when meals were ready. Could Mark Twain have been such a successful author if he was constantly checking Facebook, email and text messages?

There are four different approaches that Cal Newport defines to utilize Deep Work. They depend on your specific lifestyle and what works best for you.

1 is the most extreme 4 is the least.

Remember the basic rule in physics --- input = output

Therefore, extreme approach = extreme results, average approach = average results

1. The Monastic Approach – completely removing yourself from society and distractions to focus on your creation. Like a monk.

2. The Bimodal Approach – Prioritize deep work above all. Setting aside 4-6 hours a day to specific deep work, free of distractions.

3. The Rhythmic Approach – making a calendar and time blocking 90 minute deep work sessions.

4. The Journalistic Approach – when random free time comes up, devote to deep work. More of a spontaneous technique.

A few months ago I watched a video by Tim Ferris, author of Tools of Titans and Four Hour Work Week. He commented that a good way to get started with this habit is to set aside a specific period one morning a week to 3-4 hours of undistracted creation. The night before, consider a complex thought you would like to dive more deeply into or a specific project you are working on. When the morning comes, get up and get to work on your creation.

Profound answers are deep within your mind. It takes time to get down to them. Give yourself that time. This practice is useful in every avenue of your life.

Dive deep into deep work.

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