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Dreaming of a Successful Career?

A successful career starts with a successful mind state

Conventional wisdom says, "Make money and a life will come."

True wisdom says, "Make a beautiful life, and money will come."

Basic Mind State-

Base your life around the career you have.

An Inspired Mind State -

Choose the best way to live your life, and build a career around that.


Most people will base their life around their career because they are stuck in the thinking that there is no other option. From a young age we are told to go to school so you can get a good job. We should be teaching our children that you must go to school so you can learn the best way to give back to the world and create a life you love.

Deepak Chopra says that when he was raising his children, he would always tell them their job is to find out what they are good at in life, and how they can best serve the world. Not to worry about getting good grades or making money. He told his children that he would always help them with those items so they did not need to worry about them. Instead of the focuses normal society places (grades and money) he consistently reminded his children of their focus to find out how to best serve the world. With this focus, his children turned out to be very successful in school, within their careers, and most importantly - establishing meaningful lives.

This story has always stuck with me because the truth within the story is obvious, but rarely discussed in the world. Tony Robbins says that you will be compensated in this world based on how much value you provide it with. The world will repay us abundantly; if we make it our mission to figure out the best way we can personally serve those around us.

We must teach our children, and reteach our selves to focus on the ways we are meant to serve. Look honestly at your strengths and weaknesses and build your lifestyle around the best way you can serve the world.

Your rewards will be bountiful...

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