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10 Day Mental Challenge

-An Anthony Robbins Technique-

  • Are you committed to empowering your mind?

  • Would you agree that the negative thoughts lead to negative actions and also less quality of life?

This is a mental game that will help to develop deep internal mental strength. Just like actions, your thoughts have habits and follow patterns. If you want to develop strong, highly beneficial mental habits beat this game.

How to Play

Start by counting ahead 10 Days and write down that date.

*Over the next 10 Days there is one rule – do not allow your mind to hold a negative thought for more than 5 minutes at a time.*

If you notice that you held a negative thought for more than 5 minutes, count ahead another 10 days and write the date down somewhere you will see it.

Once you successfully complete 10 Days in a row, you win!

Your prize for winning this challenge, is massive.

You will develop many tools for combatting negativity. You will also learn to recognize negative mental habits, thus realizing the power that lies within changing them.

Useful Tips – (Cheat Codes)

If you catch yourself wondering down a trail of negative thoughts, look at whatever you are thinking about from a different angle.

How could this situation or thought actually be beneficial to your life?

  • What could you learn from this moment?

  • Even something as simple as the thought that you could learn to beat negativity.

Make a mental list of a few combatting ideas that you can recall quickly when you recognize the negative thought pattern. The most basic and simple thought will be enough to break the chain and keep you on track with your 10 day challenge.

Ready! Set! Go!

A strong and positively empowered mind awaits you.

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